Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Show and Tell - Part 2

Now for part 2:

Yesterday we decided we wanted to take some family photos. We drove around for a couple of hours trying to find the perfect spot for photos. After we took a billion photos (more like 20) at various locations we decided that we actually wanted photos with the snowy mountains in the background for our Christmas photo.

So we drove to Beaumont which is about 30-40 minutes from our house. We found a little park that had not one but two mountain ranges in the background with snow on them. We were in heaven, except for the fact that it was getting dark fast & it was cold!!!! Burr!!!

Brandon set up his camera on his tripod & we took more photos before it got too dark & we became ice cubes. Then I took some random photos as well. Mike & Jesse played on the teeter totter in the playground for awhile.

On the way home we stopped at Sonic in Hemet. Yeah!!!!! We finally have a Sonic close by. If you have never been to Sonic, you need to go. It's quite old fashioned how you park and order from your car. Then they bring out your order on roller skates. Mike got a lime slush, Jesse & I got strawberry slushees. Brandon got a Oreo blast. But I realized that slushees taste sooo much better when it is 100 degrees outside. Not so great when it is only in the 40's. So I guess Sonic will have to wait until summer to be enjoyed again.

Here are the photos I took at the park and at Sonic. I am not posting our final family Christmas photo until later in the week. So you will just have to wait!

Mike & I. I really should have got my hair cut before taking family photos. It is looking pretty scraggily.

Jesse & Mike. Jesse got his goofy Santa hat at Disneyland for his birthday.
Brandon was taking photos of the mountains when I snapped this shot.

Self portrait

Me & Jesse

Me & Brandon.

Mike & Jesse on the teeter totter. They were actually moving when I took this photo so that is why it is a bit fuzzy.

Here we are at Sonic. Doesn't Mike look like he has had too much to drink?
Jesse & Brandon in the back seat while waiting for our Sonic order.

Brandon at Sonic. Don't know why he looks so surprised. I was hoping to get a photo of the waitress on roller skates, but she was too fast & I missed the shot.
All in all we had a nice family day and weekend. What did you do this weekend?

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