Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Show & Tell - Part 1 Christmas Tree

Welcome to Monday Show and Tell. Again this week, show and tell will be in three parts. Too much Christmas to post in one. So part one will be about our Christmas tree. Thanks to Danica, we finally got my tree decorated 2 days before Christmas. You are probably thinking, why bother at that point. But you can't have Christmas around a plain fake tree. You must make it pretty.

So here is my decorated tree in all it's glory. Isn't it pretty? This year I made it my girly tree. But the boys didn't seem to mind. At least we had a tree with some presents underneath. The tree was in our family room this year. This was a new tree that I purchased from Target last year after Christmas on clearance. Pretty good for $20.00. It was simple to put together & already came with lights. Much easier than my old fake tree. (click on any photo to make it larger)
Now for some photos of my favorite ornaments on the tree. This one is of a unicorn. I got this ornament from Mom back when I was a teenager & loved unicorns. I still love them. I just don't collect them like when I was a teenager. Doesn't it look like it is brand new? I take very good care of my ornaments.
This is one of my newest ornaments. I purchased it this year. It is a large snowflake made out of pipe cleaners. Mike calls it my "Old lady" ornament. I don't care, I love it & that is all that matters.
I love all the ornaments in this photo. I love Victorian looking ornaments or any ornaments that make me think of that time period.
This dragonfly ornament I got for Brandon. It reminded me of when he was a little boy & loved insects.
Here is another of Brandon's ornaments that I got for him when he was little and loved bugs. I love how this ornament sparkles.
This Eiffel Tower ornament I just purchased this year. I love all the glitter. I love anything that reminds me of Paris.
I love this little angel. I picked up this ornament as a thrift store a few years back.
Here is a photo of our kitty Missy. She is about 10 years old or more. Not really sure. She was my mother in laws cat before she died. We then inherited her. We were thrilled. We all love Missy (except for Mike, he tolerates her). She was thrilled to see we had a Christmas tree with things she could knock around.
Here is one final photo of my tree. As you can tell, I love to decorate it with anything Victorian looking, angels, cherubs, crystals. or anything sparkly or glittery.
This final photo is the end to my stolen Santa story. Remember how I told you that someone stole my Santa from the sleigh in front on my house? Well Mike found Santa on the side of our yard in some bushes a few days later. So when I came home from work that night, Jesse asked me to get him something that was in my bedroom. When I turned on the light to my bedroom, this is what greeted me:
Santa was in my bed!!!!! It was pretty funny. I got a kick out of it & hopefully you did as well.

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