Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Show and Tell - Part 3

Ta da!!!! Here it is, I know the suspense has been killing you all day, waiting for this third & final part of my Monday Show and Tell.

I want to share with you my Christmas decor. I have to thank all the little people who helped me in the preparation of this production. Namely, Danica (my niece & surrogate daughter) who helped with the decorating part. Brandon & Jesse who helped me bring boxes down & up from attic. And to Mike who helped put up the outside Christmas lights even though he didn't get the last strand up as it got too dark & he didn't want to fall from the ladder and 2 of Santa's deer didn't get set up. At least we got some Christmas cheer!!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Before you click on the play button, you might want to scroll down & push the pause button on the Christmas music play list on the right hand side so that my Christmas music doesn't interfere with the music that accompanies my photos. It you don't, you may get conflicting Christmas songs & it won't be nice. You have been warned! In fact, if you don't like the Christmas music anytime you come to our blog, you can pause it so it doesn't play. But if you don't like Christmas music you must be SCROOGE and we don't like Scrooge. You have been warned!!!!

Now for the photos:

Click to play 2008 Christmas decor

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Did you enjoy the photos? I learned a very important lesson this Christmas. Don't leave candles unattended and real candles can burn a wood picture frame. Luckily I saw the error of my ways before I burnt the house down. LED candles work best in this situation.

Also, someone stole Santa from my front yard. I didn't even notice it last night when I was taking the photos. I figured it out this morning while driving to work. We passed one of our neighbors who has lots of Christmas decor in their front yard. Their giant Snoopy blow up snow globe was missing & they had posted a sign that it was stolen. It got me to thinking about dear old Santa at my own house. It kind of jogged my memory that I didn't remember seeing him in his sleigh last night when taking the photos. So when I got to work & looked at my photos, sure enough. Santa was gone, missing, no where to be seen. Someone stole Santa. I bet I know what list they are on & it's not the nice list. So if you stole my Santa & are reading my blog, bring him back & maybe Santa and I will forgive you and you might get something for Christmas besides coal. You have been warned!!!

Next Monday you can post about your Christmas or post about your New Year's plans or resolutions. Or you can reminisce about 2008 and your plans for 2009.

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Dee Dee said...

You are surely an overachiever. Your house looks great inside & out! I hope you are feeling better soon.