Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This isn't Mayberry

I forgot to tell you about our little bit of excitement that happened over the weekend. It all started Sunday morning about 9am. I was sleeping on the couch in the family room and no, I wasn't having a spat with Mike. I had just woken up early & didn't want to disturb him, so I went out to the couch to watch TV & fell back asleep.

Anyways, I was sleeping on the couch when all of a sudden a heard a woman screaming for someone to call the police or to call 911. She wasn't screaming far away, she was at our front door. It was the 19 year old daughter of the neighbor who lives across the street. It seems that Mike had gone outside & heard the neighbor & his daughter arguing about calling the police. The neighbor pointed across the street to Mike & told his daughter to go across the street as "they will call the police".

Let me give you a little back story on this neighbor. They live across the street, kitty corner. The husband & wife fight almost every weekend. Usually on Sunday. They get quite loud. It seems they party all weekend & by Sunday they are at odds with each other. When their adult daughter used to live with them, or comes to visit, she gets into it with them as well. The police have come to their house more than a few times in the 3 years we have lived here. So they obviously think we are the neighbors who call the police when in actuality, we have never called the police on them until today. In the past, we have never seen them physically fight, just verbally. Except one night the wife was mad & went to leave in her car & the husband jumped on the hood. The wife raced forward & then slammed on the brakes. The husband was thrown off the car. He then jumped on a 2nd time & she did the same thing until he fell off again. She then drove away. That is the most physical they've been that I've witnessed.

Now back to the story, the daughter than ran across the street to where Mike was. She pushed him into our house. Mike closed the security screen door to keep her out. She started kicking the door & banging on it, screaming that we needed to call the police or 911 as her father was beating up her mother.

This got my attention real fast. I asked Mike if I should call 911 & he said yes. So I got on the phone & dialed 911. This was the first time I have ever had to call 911. I was a little, OK a lot, nervous. I told the 911 operator that some woman was at our door banging & screaming for us to call the police as her father was beating up her mother. I didn't really know what was happening, but these particular neighbors have a habit of arguing loudly every week. The operator said she would send the police.

By the time I got off the phone, the woman was gone. I told Brandon he would probably want to turn his police scanner on as I had called 911. Brandon got his scanner & we heard the call come out for the police (Sheriff) to come to our street for a domestic dispute. We then heard a second call that named the daughter by name stating that the father had tried to beat up the daughter, so we knew that another neighbor had called 911 as well as we didn't know the daughters name & the story of who was beating up who had changed.

I asked Mike why he shut the security door on the daughter & didn't let her in. He said, she had crazy eyes & didn't seem quite right. He felt we might have been in more harm letting her in, then just letting her stay outside the door.

When the daughter was outside our door, she kicked it so hard she cut her foot & there was blood on our door & a trail of blood down our sidewalk when she left.

A few minutes later a police car showed up and went inside the neighbors house. Then 3 more police cars came. By this time, the neighbors who live right next door to the fighting neighbors came over to our house. This was the first time I have met these neighbors. It seems when the daughter left our house, she went over to their house & kicked their security door as well. But she bent their door & damaged it quite severely. She told them that the dad had been beating her up. It seems they know the daughter & this family all too well. They said this fighting has been going on for 8 years. Usually it is the daughter or the mother who cause all the fighting. All this time, we thought it was the husband. They said no, he gets loud, but they've seen the wife hit the husband, but never the other way around. They said the daughter is the craziest of the bunch. They said Mike was smart not to let her in our house. That is why she busted in their door, they wouldn't let her in.

By this time, the police came out & all 3 family members were yelling at each other. One of the cops came over to our house & asked us what we saw. Asked if we saw the husband hitting the wife or the daughter. We said no. Told him we only saw the daughter out of control screaming for us to call the police. She was the one who said her dad was beating her mom & then told the other neighbors he was beating her.

When it was all said & done, they hauled off the daughter. It seems the police couldn't figure out what was really going on & since the daughter was so out of control & had damaged the neighbors door, they arrested the daughter & took her to jail on a felony warrant.

So that was our bit of excitement.

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Prescott family said...

That's crazy!! I can live without that kind of excitement!! I guess I am glad that all of our neighbors are old and/or keep to themselves.