Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Show and Tell-Part 2 Christmas Finale

I lied when I said there would be 3 parts to my Monday Show and Tell. Well, I technically didn't lie, I fully intended to make this 3 posts, one for my Christmas tree, one for Christmas Eve & one for Christmas Day, but at the last minute there was a change in plans. I am a woman, therefore, I can change my mind. I had an epiphany. I decided to combine my Christmas morning photos along with Christmas Eve photos so you get them in one humongous post. I hope you don't mind. Too bad if you do, it's my blog (even if I share a little), so I make the rules.

Now on with the post. We spent Christmas Eve down in El Cajon at Mom and Dad's house. Andrea's family was there, my family & Danica, as well as Mom, Dad & Jodi. We decided to let Jodi come since she lives there & it would be kind of rude not to include her (you know we love you Jodi). Eric & Todd's family were not there except for Danica who technically belongs to Eric's family but since she is my surrogate daughter, and Eric was out of town at his in laws, Danica was part of my family for the night.

Jodi cooked tacos for dinner. Yes, some Langston's can cook, at least simple things. It was very good. After dinner we opened presents and then we had ice cream cake that Andrea had made. Very yummy!!! Since I had been sick, I didn't have to make anything. Remind me to be sick every holiday. It's a great excuse for getting out of all sorts of work. I didn't even have to help with dishes.

Then it was time to go home to our individual homes. It was nice getting together on Christmas Eve with the family.

On Christmas morning we got up about 9:30am & I called Danica to come over to open gifts. Since we didn't have to be anywhere, we spent a leisurely morning opening gifts. Afterwards I fixed pancakes & Mike cooked bacon for breakfast. Danica left after breakfast to go visit friends. She said she would be back for dinner.

The afternoon was spent watching TV, playing games & relaxing, aka: laying around. Mike cooked a ham, I made cheese potatoes (you all missed out on some yummy cheese potatoes), green bean casserole, corn, rolls (the easiest rolls in the world, they are pre made, frozen, you just pop them in the oven to warm them up & they taste just like you spent all day making them from scratch. My kind of baking!) and of course our annual Thanksgiving/Christmas green jello salad. What did you have for Christmas dinner? Danica came back just in time for dinner. We all ate so much (I had to make up for Thanksgiving when I was too sick to eat much).

The evening was spent watching some of the new DVD's we got for Christmas. In fact, we spent most of the weekend just watching movies & of course the Charger football game last night. GO CHARGERS!!!!!

Here are the photos from our Christmas. There are a lot, hope you don't get too bored.

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How did you spend your Christmas? Let us know, you know we are snoops and need to know real bad. So give us a break & show us or tell us. Please!!!!!

Next Mondays show and tell will be anything in regards to NEW YEARS. You can post about your resolutions or goals for the coming year. Reminisce about the past year. Tell us what you did to celebrate on New Year's Eve and Day.

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